Gentle Healing Bodywork

Body Prajna works with the body to release deep underlying emotional patterns that cause pain, allowing for profound, transformative release. This unique, holistic, integrated bodywork facilitates healing through mind-body connection, mindfulness, Thailand-style massage, myofascial release, deep breathing and guided visualization. Healing begins from within; Lara tailors each treatment session to the individual needs of the client.

Lara creates a safe space, then directs her clients’ awareness to the sensations associated with muscular tension, personal behavior patterns and associated limiting beliefs which cause sensations of “stuckness” and chronic pain symptoms in the body, initiating a gentle, profound release. This is an excellent hands-on adjunct to psychotherapy.

“Prajna in Sanskrit means insight, deep understanding and wisdom. It suggests an embodied wisdom, a knowing that permeates the nerve endings, the connective tissues and the blood cells throughout the body. ”
~ Tias Little